professor: alex mergold  
project team: r petersen. r amato

A place dedicated to gathering and serving the community, town hall expresses a strong identity of the local society. While it is obligated for marking the presence of a community, it is also responsible for providing adequate function to the public. 

The site has a strict defined volume among a block of row houses, with one side facing the street and the other a level lower, descending into the riverfront. To activate usage of the river-walk while integrating various programs in an iconic form, the approach induces to sculpting a large volume.  

The building is divided off-center into a primary volume to host meeting halls and large public receptions. And a slender secondary volume creates a consistent transparent rift to contain archive spaces and small classrooms.

Encompassed by glass, the central cavity exposes all inner happenings of the solid masses. While the sculpting takes performative systems such as structures and HVAC system into account, it shapes the experience through building. This strong formal language engages dynamic interaction between the people and the building for potential community development.