professor: julian palacio

Brooklyn Academy of Music is the landmark of a growing artist community in Downtown Brooklyn; it excites the convergence of artists from nearby institution and organization. Not only does it attracts local artists but also people from neighboring boroughs. But because of the fast traffic on Flatbush Avenue and the large yet unspecified open ground adjacent to it, an invisible barrier prevents the general public to directly discovering the gem in the area. Utilizing this open ground at the pinch point of dedicated development zone, the extension of BAM strives for creating a prominent and publicly accessible exhibition in a dynamic urban setting. 

Folded plates are a structural prototype that is not only advantageous for long-span open space but also remarkable for its formal prominence. The variety of structure prototype empowers a vibrant yet cohesive appearance. Exploiting and reinventing the basic module of this system, the approach also gives opportunity to dynamic interconnectivity of smaller programs under a large roof. To involve the public in stimulating creative use of this extension, continuous public spaces at each level hold large ground for long plaza on the same front as the exisitng BAM building.  An outdoor theater is also created above the concavity of black box theater, between a large movie theater for premieres and a public library for the community. The tip of the site, converted into a triangular park, provides new green space to the neighborhood.