presentation + temporary installation
james williamson. Eric ellingsen
(assistants: h. chuang, k. chen)

Chicken is the subject of this unfamiliar memorial for more than their distinctive nature: it questions our relationship with a species that is not human, especially a species we consume. For centuries, we domesticate chickens as our one major source of protein; with the advancement of technology and rising market, we put these lives into unimaginably horrid conditions to merely survive. Intensive farming system has been a major topic of heating debates in regards to our environments and morals, but  the conflicts in our needs are far from being resolved. 

Quantifying our consumption in space, the installation recreates an experience to occupy both in tangible reality and conceptual awareness. It reaches toward the heart of the problem by asking ourselves what these lives really mean to us. Radically imposing the lost value of these lives, the project challenges the capacity of architecture as a medium to force us see and feel differently.